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Hello everyone! I hope you are safe and fine.

Many people ask me about a good place to start learning Python and GIS programming for free. I know there are a lot, so it is easy to get overwhelmed by the resources of the internet. Another thing is when you start a course and get to the halfway you find that the software already has an updated version with many new things to consider. So let me suggest Geo-Python for basic Python for everyone who haven’t tried programming before. It is free, updated and very well explained. Need something adventurous, try Automating GIS-processes course which explained the basic GIS terms and techniques using free tools and simple english. These contents are prepared for university students in mind but people who left universities, waiting to get admitted or simply left in disguise will find them equally helpful.  (ps. I am not affiliated)

A Python script to batch download and preprocess Sentinel-1

Hello everyone ! This is a quick Python code which I wrote to batch download and preprocess Sentinel-1 images of a given time. Sentinel images have very good resolution and makes it obvious that they are huge in size. Since I didn’t want to waste all day preparing them for my research, I decided to write this code which runs all night and gives a nice image-set in following morning.

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Create KML file by extracting coordinates from DOCX file

It’s been a while since I am writing again. This is not a very interesting topic┬áto create a post with. I use to receive coordinates and name of locations from field staffs of different part of the country. I use to plot these locations over maps and create some reports. Pretty boring stuff! Most of the time these locations are neatly stuffed inside Microsoft word file, commonly in DOCX or XLS files. But recently they sent me 10 similar DOCX file with 128 locations listed. And I am going to create KML file with each of them using Python. Continue reading