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On the onset of the 50th anniversary of independence, Bangladesh today announced electricity coverage all over the country. In this Google map, the night light shows the spread specially in the capital at the center. We can even find some of the India-Bangladesh border in the northwest and western part of the country.

Create KML file by extracting coordinates from DOCX file

It’s been a while since I am writing again. This is not a very interesting topic┬áto create a post with. I use to receive coordinates and name of locations from field staffs of different part of the country. I use to plot these locations over maps and create some reports. Pretty boring stuff! Most of the time these locations are neatly stuffed inside Microsoft word file, commonly in DOCX or XLS files. But recently they sent me 10 similar DOCX file with 128 locations listed. And I am going to create KML file with each of them using Python. Continue reading