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Create KML file by extracting coordinates from DOCX file

It’s been a while since I am writing again. This is not a very interesting topic to create a post with. I use to receive coordinates and name of locations from field staffs of different part of the country. I use to plot these locations over maps and create some reports. Pretty boring stuff! Most of the time these locations are neatly stuffed inside Microsoft word file, commonly in DOCX or XLS files. But recently they sent me 10 similar DOCX file with 128 locations listed. And I am going to create KML file with each of them using Python. Continue reading

You are facing some problem while visiting this blog. I understand, I should have fix this months before it happen. The problem is, the SSL certificate this blog uses, has been distrusted by Google and Mozilla back in November, 2016. WoSign and StartCom did some awful mistake which made these two names very angry. So you who have just updated your browser, will now see an error message while you try to enter this blog. Since we are not using any sensitive info, you can ignore this message and enter.

I will come back with fixes asap, until then “stay tuned”.

Update: Done! The error should go away now. Thanks for your patience.

Yesterday NASA announced the discovery of largest batch of Earth-size, habitable zone planets of a single star called TRAPPIST-1. This system of seven rocky worlds–all of them with the potential for water on their surface–is an exciting discovery in the search for life on other worlds. There is the possibility that future study of this unique planetary system could reveal conditions suitable for life.

Getting started with Open Data Kit and CentOS VPS

Open Data Kit or ODK is (probably) one of the most underrated survey data management platform. Yet ODK powers a lot of successful commercial platform, (for example CommCare) and helping tons of commercial and non-commercial activities across the globe. As the name suggests, Open Data Kit is open source and can be downloaded, customized, deployed and used with few easy steps. Let’s get started with setting Open Data Kit on CentOS VPS. Continue reading

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