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These maps are created by NASA and the European Space Agency using Sentinel 5P images to visualize the impact of lockdown due to Coronavirus across China. The map on the left is before the quarantine and on the right is during the quarantine. The Sentinel 5P satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China. By January 23, 2020, Chinese authorities had shut down transportation going into and out of Wuhan, as well as local businesses, in order to reduce the spread of the disease. The maps here show the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, a noxious gas emitted by motor vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities. Scientists argue that this might also be the impact of the Lunar New Year celebration, but the reduction rate in these materials have exceeded any measures seen in the past.

Check out this fun weather animation map from No brains needed, just go to the url and look for embedding options as iframe. I found this a long time back, lost and found again. The Javascript API of Windy is pretty straightforward too. Overall it creates a very satisfying little section of your website (in our case an Operation Dashboard).

For those who don’t want all this bells and whistles, use this.

A Python script to batch download and preprocess Sentinel-1

Hello everyone ! This is a quick Python code which I wrote to batch download and preprocess Sentinel-1 images of a given time. Sentinel images have very good resolution and makes it obvious that they are huge in size. Since I didn’t want to waste all day preparing them for my research, I decided to write this code which runs all night and gives a nice image-set in following morning.

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The first amazing picture of black hole is here. The technology that is used for this picture is even more amazing.

“We are delighted to report to you that we have seen what was thought to be unseeable”

Shep Doeleman, Harvard University senior research fellow and director of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)

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