Check out this fun weather animation map from No brains needed, just go to the url and look for embedding options as iframe. I found this a long time back, lost and found again. The Javascript API of Windy is pretty straightforward too. Overall it creates a very satisfying little section of your website (in our case an Operation Dashboard).

For those who don’t want all this bells and whistles, use this.

The first amazing picture of black hole is here. The technology that is used for this picture is even more amazing.

“We are delighted to report to you that we have seen what was thought to be unseeable”

Shep Doeleman, Harvard University senior research fellow and director of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)

Awarded after presenting ‘ArcGIS ecosystem to connect farmers of Bangladesh’ at Esri Malaysia User Conference 2018 on October 25. Thanks to Esri South Asia for arranging this.

You are facing some problem while visiting this blog. I understand, I should have fix this months before it happen. The problem is, the SSL certificate this blog uses, has been distrusted by Google and Mozilla back in November, 2016. WoSign and StartCom did some awful mistake which made these two names very angry. So you who have just updated your browser, will now see an error message while you try to enter this blog. Since we are not using any sensitive info, you can ignore this message and enter.

I will come back with fixes asap, until then “stay tuned”.

Update: Done! The error should go away now. Thanks for your patience.

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