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Starting object based classification with Imagine Objective

Typical method of classification of remote sensing imagery has been pixel based. Normally, multispectral data are used to perform the classification and, indeed the spectral pattern present within the data for each pixel is used as the numerical basis for categorization. Continue reading

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How to convert .shp to Erdas .aoi

We all know .aoi is quite helpful in various cases, like defining an area, extent, points and many more. It is also essential when you geometrically correct an image. .shp on the otherhand is a very well known vector file system around the globe. Just like many other GIS software, you can open .shp in Erdas. But Erdas wont let you doing .aoi things with .shp easily. This post describes the classic technique to convert .shp to .aoi easily. You’ll be surprised how easy it is with Erdas Imagine.   Continue reading

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