Type: Scientific article
Title: Analyzing Remote Sensing Data in R: The landsat Package
Author: Sarah C. Goslee
Journal: Journal of Statistical Software
Year: 2011

Abstract: Research and development on atmospheric and topographic correction methods for multispectral satellite data such as Landsat images has far outpaced the availability of those methods in geographic information systems software. As Landsat and other data become more widely available, demand for these improved correction methods will increase. Open source R statistical software can help bridge the gap between research and implementation. Sophisticated spatial data routines are already available, and the ease of program development in R makes it straightforward to implement new correction algorithms and to assess the results. Collecting radiometric, atmospheric, and topographic correction routines into the landsat package will make them readily available for evaluation for particular applications.

Citation: Goslee, S. C. (2011). Analyzing Remote Sensing Data in R : The landsat Package. Journal of Statistical Software, 43, 1–25. Retrieved from http://www.jstatsoft.org/v43/i04/paper

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