Author: Sunbeam

Sunbeam Rahman is a self-inspired dream guided GIS-RS analyst who has spent most of his life trying to decipher all the geospatial problems of the world but couldn't solve any. Sunbeam had his MS in 'Geography' and currently works at a 'grande entreprise gouvernementale'. Sunbeam spends most of his time either in his room reading fantasy novels or other peoples tweet, watching tv series or doing BS like blogging.

This is GitHub Copilot. I just wanted to test how it performs with ArcPY. It uses ML and the millions of codes to convert comments into codes.

The Geo for Good Summit for 2020 has announced several new features for the Google maps product. This year Google announced the REST API for Google Earth Engine which can be used to develop any custom app in any programming language. The REST API ensures several new features,

  • Monitor API Usage in Google Cloud Console – API usage can be monitored in the Google Cloud Console and assets may also be managed in the future with Cloud IAM.
  • Cloud IAM for managing asset access – Plan to migrate all Earth Engine ACL enforcement to Cloud IAM.  Allows for more sophisticated sharing between users, groups and organizations across individual assets and across an entire project.
  • Manage fine grain Earth Engine API usage with Cloud IAM – Individual API endpoints usage can be managed for users with a single Cloud Project. 

The presentation gives a demo showing how you can use this inside your custom app. Google also announced Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF support for Earth Engine. Users can upload their COG to Google Cloud storage and call them using ee.Image.loadGeoTIFF. Checkout the full presentation here.