World Resources Institute and Google announced 10m resolution global land cover data called Dynamic World powered by Google Earth Engine and AI Platform. Dynamic World is a 10m near-real-time LULC dataset that includes nine classes and available for the Sentinel-2 L1C collection from 2015 until today. The image here is the land cover map of Dhaka which once took me many hours to produce is now just clicks away.

Dynamic World allows researchers to build their own maps based on the outputs of our machine learning model, a major advancement in map making. Researchers can combine local information with the data from Dynamic World to produce a new map, for example a map that analyzes crop harvests between particular dates. Dynamic World is also useful for understanding longer-term trends of seasonal ecosystem change, as seen in the Okavango Delta, an area that attracts thirsty wildlife when it floods in July and August and then dries from September to October.

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On the onset of the 50th anniversary of independence, Bangladesh today announced electricity coverage all over the country. In this Google map, the night light shows the spread specially in the capital at the center. We can even find some of the India-Bangladesh border in the northwest and western part of the country.

This is GitHub Copilot. I just wanted to test how it performs with ArcPY. It uses ML and the millions of codes to convert comments into codes.